Heart Spirit (Red Edition), enter the RAFFLE !

Richard Orlinski is pleased to announce the release of the Kong Oil Spirit (Silver Edition).
To give everyone the same chance of acquiring the Heart Spirit (Red Edition), a raffle is taking place.


To sign up now and enter the raffle, please follow the instructions below:


To participate in the raffle, just complete the form below. You have until 9pm on Thursday 4 February to register.


The draw will take place from 12 noon on Friday 5 February. If you are among the winners, you will receive an e-mail so you can confirm the order for your Heart Spirit (Red ‌Edition)!


Registration does not guarantee the ability to place an order for the Heart Spirit (Red Edition).

The order in which entrants sign up will not be taken into account in the draw.

Important: if you are selected, you will only have a few hours in which to place your order.

After that time has passed, you will no longer be able to order the Heart Spirit (Red ‌Edition).

Please be aware that the raffle is not a prize competition. 
It is a draw offering an opportunity to order and purchase the Heart Spirit (Red ‌Edition) for the price of €159.

>> Enter the RAFFLE ! <<